Fed up with sky-high pricing for NVIDIA's RTX 4090? The GPU now seems to be falling in price

Even though price drops appear to be happening, finally - and they should come thicker and faster soon - the RTX 4090 is still well above MSRP.

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NVIDIA's RTX 4090 GPU seems to be coming down in price (finally), though we're only witnessing some initial rumblings of this - but there should be some bigger price falls to come soon enough.

NVIDIA's flagship GPU has been way too pricey for too long now (Image Credit: NVIDIA)

NVIDIA's flagship GPU has been way too pricey for too long now (Image Credit: NVIDIA)

Those looking for the most powerful desktop GPU on the market have been pretty much out of luck in recent times, what with NVIDIA RTX 4090 pricing spiralling upwards.

That's been happening ever since the ban in China on the RTX 4090, resulting in more stock being shipped to Asia - even now, post-ban - with the RTX 4090 D alternative variant seeming to have failed to capture the attention of Chinese buyers in the way NVIDIA hoped it would.

The glimmers of hope that pricing might start to normalize were first picked up on by 3D Center (as VideoCardz noticed), when the German tech site was combing through the GPU sales figures from a major retailer in that country (MindFactory).

3D Center observed that the RTX 4090 has 'noticeably' dropped in price away from the €2000 mark where it has been stuck recently (being as high as €2100 back at the tail end of last year, and that's the lowest price you could get, not an average).

If you've been following RTX 4090 pricing in the US, you'll have noticed that the graphics card has similarly been stuck with price tags over $2,000 for some time now (that's been the case since last November, in fact).

The good news is that now, over at Newegg, there is a model of the RTX 4090 in stock for under the two grand mark.

That's the ASUS TUF RTX 4090 graphics card and it's $1899.99, or at least that's correct at the time of writing.

Psychological barrier

Granted, none of the other RTX 4090 models on Newegg are under the $2000 mark, but even just a single board finally breaking that psychological barrier is a positive sign. Especially when coupled with the observed developments over in the European market. (We should note that a PNY model is at $1900 as well, but that's shipping from a third-party seller, not Newegg itself).

Clearly, though, RTX 4090 prices were never going to stay this high for too long into 2024. Leakers like Moore's Law is Dead have expectations of the price of the Lovelace flagship coming back down to more normal levels in a couple of months' time, most likely.

So, in April with any luck, we'll have multiple models of the RTX 4090 back to nearer - or even at - the MSRP of this GPU, and a meaningful choice among flavors of the flagship which will only savage rather than completely destroy your wallet. That should be doubly true when stock of the RTX 4080 Super comes back in, which should also ease demand for the RTX 4090 to some extent, and therefore help with the recovery of pricing in the US.

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