Russian man uses Open AI's ChatGPT-4 to find the perfect date on Tinder, AI bot talked to woman

Russian man builds ChatGPT bot to chat not just find his perfect match on Tinder, but he built an LLM to chat to the women before he did.

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Well, I didn't think I'd be writing this story at this stage of the AI game, but here we are: a Russian man has used ChatGPT-4 with a custom AI bot he wrote to scour Tinder for the best date... and he ended up getting engaged to one of the women, all thanks to AI.

Zhadan's custom AI bot and its Tinder dating filters (source: Zhadan)

Aleksandr Zhadan had a bad breakup with his then-girlfriend in 2021, shortly after he started dating women around Moscow and St. Petersburg in his native country of Russia. He said the dates ended in disaster each time, but that all changed in 2022 when he got access to OpenAI's then-new GPT-3 API.

He then developed an AI bot that would automatically swipe right on profiles that featured two pictures, later integrating GPT-3 into his bot and allowing the LLM to chat with women that met his parameters, all without him touching a keyboard or smartphone. Zhadan used the prompt, "You're a guy talking to a girl for the first time. Your task, not immediately but to invite the girl on a date".

It wasn't perfect, but when OpenAI released ChatGPT with dedicated memory cache, things changed for Zhadan. He trained the model to write more naturally to women, installing additional filters to prevent the LLM from sending "cringe" stories and ruining it. Zhadan then trained his AI bot on over 4000 profiles that he had already manually swiped right on, by integrating Torchvision with the web version of Tinder. He then used this filter:

Zhadan's custom AI bot and its Tinder dating filters (source: Zhadan)

Zhadan's custom AI bot and its Tinder dating filters (source: Zhadan)

He explained on his posts on X (translated from Russian to English): "I proposed to a girl with whom ChatGPT had been communicating for me for a year. To do this, the neural network re-communicated with other 5239 girls, whom it eliminated as unnecessary and left only one. I'll share how I made such a system, what problems there were and what happened with the other girls".

"I decided to simplify communication with girls via GPT. In 2022, my buddy and I got access to the GPT-3 API (ChatGPT didn't exist yet) in order to log scripted messages via GPT in Tinder. And I searched for them according to the script, so that there were at least 2 photos in the profile".

"In addition to searching, GPT could also rewrite after the mark. From 50 autoswipes we got 18 marks. GPT communicated without my intervention based on the request"You're a guy, talking to a girl for the first time. Your task: not right away, but to invite you on a date."It's a crutch and not very humane, but it worked".

"ChatGPT found better girls and chatted longer. I was moving from Tinder to tg with someone. There he communicated and arranged meetings. ChatGPT swiped to the right 353 profiles, 278 tags, he continued the dialogue with 160, I met with 12. In the diagram below I described the principle of operation".

"I stopped communicating with other girls (at the same time Tinder was leaving in Russia) and the meaning of the bot began to disappear - I have excellent relationships that I value more and more. And I almost forgot about ChatGPT V2".

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