AMD's new graphics driver is only for one game, fixing graphics corruption with Suicide Squad

It's not the first time AMD has released an Adrenalin driver that's just for a solitary game, as the same thing happened with Alan Wake 2.

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AMD has released a new graphics driver specifically for a single game, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

AMD's GPUs are having trouble with ray tracing corruption in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (Image Credit: AMD)

AMD's GPUs are having trouble with ray tracing corruption in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (Image Credit: AMD)

The new Adrenalin Edition version has an important fix for Suicide Squad, namely a cure for issues with graphics corruption when ray tracing is enabled.

Clearly, this must be an irksome enough glitch to warrant the deployment of a new graphics driver.

Mind you, it's not the first time AMD has taken this step, which seems to be a fresh strategy for Team Red. A dedicated driver was released to fix up Alan Wake 2 in October 2023, you may recall.

An any rate, obviously enough, if you aren't playing Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, then there's no point installing this driver (just stick to the last release).

It comes with a bunch of known issues, too, although admittedly some of those have been hanging around for a while now.

One notable and rather weird glitch with AMD's Adrenalin driver that goes back some way (at least a few months) is that Overwatch 2 players are experiencing a ton of stutter when first joining a session. After starting a match, the shooter will be very jerky all round, but eventually settles down to running smoothly.

Hopefully AMD is working on a resolution, as this is going to be pretty frustrating for those who are playing Overwatch 2.

Another rather odd bug is that if you partake in Microsoft Teams meetings, some AMD processors - like the Ryzen 7 7840U - are causing the camera to display looped footage at times.

There are some strange gremlins in the works, then, but at least the corruption being experienced in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is now a thing of the past.

Suicide Squad just launched but hit a whole load of problems, with the devs having to take the servers down an hour after the game was released in early access on Steam. (Due to a bug where players were told they had completed the storyline, before they'd even done anything).

That problem has been solved, according to reports, but that said, the servers have just been taken down for maintenance.

There's been positive reaction to the actual quality of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League - it seems like a good game on the whole - but the technical issues are putting a serious dampener on the enthusiasm levels of players. Hopefully, when the current maintenance is done and over with, things will go more smoothly.

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