Apple Car delayed until 2028, less ambitious design with downgrade to Level 2+ autonomy

Apple delays its electric vehicle until at least 2028: now a semi-autonomous driving car... will include the wheels and pedals, after Apple removed them.

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Apple is making significant changes to its electric vehicle (EV) project, with a far less complex design and delaying its release into 2028 at least.

Apple Car delayed until 2028, less ambitious design with downgrade to Level 2+ autonomy 91

The new information on the Apple Car project is coming from Bloomberg, where they've had sources that are "familiar with the situation," as always. Apple has hosted board meetings about its EV project, limiting its electric vehicle's autonomous features and downgrading its EV to Level 2+ autonomy. Previously, Apple planned to build a fully driverless car without a steering wheel or pedals... not anymore.

Level 2+ autonomy allows drivers to briefly take their hands off the wheel with adaptive cruise control, self-parking features, and lane-centering control. We already see that in multiple cars on the market, with most autonomous vehicles peaking at Level 2, while Mercedes-Benz received approval for Level 3 autonomous driving systems in late 2023.

Apple has now delayed its EV release date to a 2028 car at the very earliest, according to the Bloomberg report, with earlier targets of both 2026 and 2024 (this year, which Apple will miss by four entire years).

Tesla and other EV manufacturers are far ahead of the game at this point, and I'm sure (especially Tesla) will be even more ahead of the EV game in four more years. Apple will have its work cut out for it, to debut a new EV in a market dominated even more by then.


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