HP leak is another hint Windows 12 isn't coming this year - we'll get Windows 11 24H2 instead

Leaked HP spec sheets for its Spectre notebooks suggest we'll get the Windows 11 2024 Update later this year as opposed to Windows 12.

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We've just seen another clue that the next version of Windows, due to arrive later this year, will be Windows 11 2024 Update, as opposed to a whole new version of the operating system that needs an entirely new name (like Windows 12).

Even if we don't get Windows 12, Copilot is set for a second-gen version in Windows 11 24H2, we're told (Image Credit: Microsoft)

Even if we don't get Windows 12, Copilot is set for a second-gen version in Windows 11 24H2, we're told (Image Credit: Microsoft)

This comes courtesy of HP spec sheets - unearthed by Windows Latest - for its new Spectre laptops in which the PC maker mentions that the next incarnation of Windows will be the Windows 11 2024 Update (and elsewhere it refers to Windows 11 24H2).

As you may recall, it was rumored for some time that Microsoft would bring out Windows 12 this year. However, in more recent times, we've been hearing consistent mentions of Windows 11 24H2, which seems to indicate that the software giant is opting for a more straightforward upgrade for its desktop OS this year.

That might well be because Microsoft fears that fragmenting the Windows user base further - meaning across Windows 10, Windows 11, and Windows 12, three separate operating systems - might be an unwise move (and complicate updates considerably, for one thing).

One of the most reliable Microsoft leakers, Zac Bowden of Windows Central, has also floated the idea that Windows 12 is not likely to be the direction that Satya Nadella's firm is now heading in - but crucially Bowden didn't rule out the possibility of that name.

As of Bowden's rumors from last month, Microsoft still hasn't made the final decision on the name for the OS. But this clue from HP is certainly another solid indication that the 24H2 update is becoming the most likely scenario.

Even if we do get the Windows 11 2024 Update later this year rather than Windows 12, that doesn't necessarily mean that big changes aren't planned.

Indeed, the HP documents presented in this leak mention support for Copilot 2.0, so it seems we'll get a second-gen AI assistant on the Windows 11 desktop. (Perhaps that's when we'll see some really beefy powers introduced for Copilot, like the ability to meaningfully alter Windows settings based on user requests).

Wi-Fi 7 support is also mentioned in the HP documents, and oddly, that's couched in terms of it being exclusive to Windows 11 24H2.

That contradicts a previous leak from Intel which contended that both Windows 10 and Windows 11 would support Wi-Fi 7 (as you'd expect, really).

We guess we'll find out more about this in time, but we're doubtful that Microsoft would leave Windows 10 users hanging without support for the latest wireless standard. (Particularly not when for some folks, it isn't a case of not wanting to upgrade to Windows 11, but not being able to do so due to the system requirements).

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