3DMark Steel Nomad cross-platform benchmark will be a free update in Q1 2024

UL announces 3DMark Steel Nomad cross-platform benchmark will be a free upgrade for all 3DMark users, so prepare your gaming systems, everyone.

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UL has just announced that its new 3DMark Steel Nomad cross-platform benchmark will be a FREE upgrade to 3DMark owners, when it releases in Q1 2024.

3DMark Steel Nomad cross-platform benchmark will be a free update in Q1 2024 407

The new Steel Nomad benchmark will replace the current Time Spy benchmark, with the new benchmark split into two: Steel Nomad and Steel Nomad Light. Steel Nomad is their recommended benchmark for measuring non-raytraced gaming performance for high-end computers running Windows, macOS, and Linux.

On the other hand, Steel Nomad Light has been built for testing the performance of lightweight devices like Windows laptops with integrated graphics, Windows-on-Arm devices, Apple M-series silicon, iOS, and Android-powered devices across the planet.

3DMark Steel Nomad will be launching in Q1 2024 for devices running Windows, Windows-on-Arm on Steam, the Epic Games Store, and directly from UL Solutions. Steel Nomad and Steel Nomad Light will be released for macOS and Linux, and Steel Nomad Light for Android and iOS devices, launching "later" in 2024 explains UL.

The company explains that it wanted 3DMark to provide gamers, overclockers, hardware reviewers, and others in the industry with a new set of gaming benchmarks relevant to real-world performance. There are now more games with a wide range of ray tracing workloads, a range of benchmarks are also required for the true measurement of PC performance.

  • SpeedWay is a DirectX 12 Ultimate ray-traced benchmark - and our heaviest benchmark. It will stay our recommended test for those of you looking to measure the full capabilities of the very best hardware available for Windows PC gamers.
  • Solar Bay is our lightest ray-traced benchmark, and our recommendation for those looking to measure the ray tracing performance of lightweight Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Port Royal is a Windows raytracing benchmark that sits between Speed Way and Solar Bay and helps you build a complete overview of a PC's raytraced gaming performance.
  • Steel Nomad will be our heaviest non-raytraced benchmark, designed to run on the latest high-end gaming hardware.
  • Steel Nomad Light will be the recommended benchmark for non-raytraced performance on lightweight devices.
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