Twitch still prohibits nudity, new artistic nudity policy affects fictional content

Twitch's new adult content policy allows for 'artistic nudity,' but streamers are still prohibited from showing full-on nudity and sexual acts to viewers.

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Twitch has updated and condensed its sexual content policies to allow for "artistic nudity," but this doesn't mean streamers can be naked during broadcasts.

Twitch still prohibits nudity, new artistic nudity policy affects fictional content 331

While scouting Twitter, I noticed an interesting report: Twitch apparently now allows nudity on its platform. Looking into this further, I whittled away at the truth: Yes, Twitch will allow some kinds of nudity. But you can't just get nude on a stream to thousands of people.

Twitch's updated adult content policy explains the limitations. According to the mandate, streamers can show "artistic depictions of nudity" in fictionalized content like drawings, animations, and sculptures.

Are artistic depictions of nudity allowed?

Content with a focus on fictionalized (drawn, animated, or sculpted) sexual body parts regardless of gender (such as doing nude figure drawing) is allowed with a Sexual Themes label. However, fictionalized sexual acts or masturbation remain prohibited.

Twitch still has rules against nudity, and it still has a dress code.

Adult Nudity

Users are prohibited from broadcasting or uploading content that contains depictions of real nudity (which includes realistically doctored nudity). Incomplete censoring, such as pixelization, mosaics, and blurring effects, do not constitute an exemption to this policy.

For example, you may not show or promote [content warning]:

  • Exposed anuses or fully unclothed and exposed buttocks
  • Any amount of exposed genitals
  • Female presenting individuals' breasts with exposed nipples (unless actively breastfeeding a child)
  • Attire

That being said, streamers can still do quite a bit of things in this area, provided they add a "Sexual Themes" label to their content. This tag warns viewers of potential adult/sexual content that may show up in the stream.

Just check the list below:

While Twitch prohibits nudity, inappropriate attire, pornography, and certain Sexual Content, streamers are required to apply a content classification label to certain streams that contain sexual themes, listed below. We also require that streamers label their stream if the content or behavior is very likely to elicit a more mature chat conversation.

Users may not solicit the content below for money, services, or items of value, including cheering, Bits, subs, donations, or in-game items.

Examples of content that require a classification label include, but are not limited to:

  • Content that focuses on clothed intimate body parts such as the buttocks, groin, or breasts.
  • Wearing yoga pants and holding a split position with the camera pointing at your groin area
  • Body writing or body art on buttocks or breasts of female-presenting person.
  • Painting a breastplate on your chest during a superhero body art stream
  • Content with a focus on fictionalized (drawn, animated, or sculpted) exposed female-presenting breasts and/or fully exposed genitals or buttocks regardless of gender.
  • Figure drawing exercises of fully nude women
  • Zooming into artwork where characters' nude buttocks are visible
  • Avatars that translate streamer's real-life movement into digital characters are subject to our Adult Nudity and Attire policies and may be prohibited
  • Prolonged or repeated kissing another individual or object, including kissing or licking a microphone.
  • Kissing a significant other for a prolonged period of time on stream
  • Continuously licking a microphone for the duration of the stream
  • Strip teases and other erotic dances that involve actual disrobing or disrobing gestures
  • Wearing or displaying BDSM-associated attire (e.g. harnesses, blindfolds, collars) or paraphernalia (e.g. whips) displayed or worn without engaging in sexual activity.
  • Wearing a ball gag on your neck while doing a Just Chatting stream
  • Display of sex toys in an educational context.
  • Demonstration of how to use contraceptives that makes use of sex toys or phallic objects
  • Non-educational discussions of sexual topics or experiences.
  • Non graphic conversations related to sexual activities, preferences, fetishes, etc.
  • Commentary that centers around sexual jokes or innuendos, including brief instances of sexual noises
  • Directly encouraging or eliciting conversations in chat that would qualify as containing Sexual Themes as listed above.
  • Asking users in chat to describe their first sexual encounter
  • Watching or displaying third-party (nested) content that falls under Sexual Themes as listed above.

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