Intel's next-gen Arrow Lake CPU: Xe-LPG Plus GPU + XMX hardware for XeSS AI upscaling

Intel's next-gen Arrow Lake CPUs will feature Arc Xe-LPG GPU which is a little better than the iGPU on Meteor Lake, with XMX units powering AI acceleration.

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Intel's next-gen Meteor Lake CPUs will launch in a couple of weeks, but after that, we'll have Arrow Lake, which will arrive in 2024... featuring slightly upgraded integrated graphics as well as new XMX units that will be used for AI acceleration.

Intel's next-gen Arrow Lake CPU: Xe-LPG Plus GPU + XMX hardware for XeSS AI upscaling 06

In some new leaks from "Coelacanth-Dream" we're being told to expect Intel's upcoming Arrow Lake CPUs that will feature Arc Xe-LPG GPU that's a little better than the Xe GPU on the upcoming Meteor Lake CPUs. The new Arrow Lake CPUs will also feature improved AI acceleration, which is thanks to the inclusion of new XMX units, which also alters the branding of iGPU to Xe-LPG Plus, while Meteor Lake is called Xe-LPG.

Intel's new Arrow Lake Arc Xe-LPG Plus GPU has also been added to the latest IGC patch, which means the same features and functionalities of the integrated graphics on Meteor Lake and Arrow Lake can be expected. The upgraded parts are with the new XMX units (Xe Matrix Extensions) that are featured on Arrow Lake but not Meteor Lake, with Intel saving space on Meteor Lake by removing XMX units from the Xe-LPG Render Slices and moving to the traditional DP4a instructions.

What are the XMX units doing? We can expect the XMX units on Arrow Lake to offer improved AI performance, which will come in the form of something like XeSS AI-powered upscaling. Meteor Lake has up to 2x the XeSS performance over the previous generation, so Arrow Lake should be an even greater leap with on-board XMX units handling AI functions.

We will see Intel building its new Arrow Lake Arc Xe-LPG Plus GPU with TSMC on its 3nm process node, which will bring power and performance benefits over the current TSMC 5nm process node that the current-gen GPU tile is manufactured on. The Arc Xe-LPG Plus GPU will be the last entry of the Arc Alchemist GPU family, before Intel moves onto the next-gen Battlemage GPU -- which will be made in both desktop GPU and laptop GPU variants -- with the first laptop CPU packing a Battlemage Xe2 GPU tile will be Lunar Lake.

Intel's next-gen Arrow Lake CPU: Xe-LPG Plus GPU + XMX hardware for XeSS AI upscaling 07

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