ASUS HD 3850 X2 1GB gets tested early

Cheaper alternative to 3870 X2.

Cameron Wilmot
Published Thu, Apr 24 2008 2:23 PM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Jun 16 2020 4:29 PM CDT
Several sites including PC Prospective, PCGH (translated from German to English) and Hartware (also translated from German to English) have conducted early previews of the ASUS HD 3850 X2 1Gb graphics card.

You can think of it as an HD 3870 X2, it carries the exact features and specifications, except lower clock speeds and of course, a cheaper price tag. Newegg is selling it for $350.

As far as clock speeds go, it has a core clock speed of 670MHz vs. 825MHz, memory clock speed of 830MHz vs. 900MHz and shader clock speed of 670MHz vs. 825MHz.

I ran a couple of quick tests, one of which was 3DMark06, just to get something to report and see if the card was stable. I didn't have any issues with the card (at least so far before our full review) and the score seen above is pretty impressive. For comparison, a single HD 3870 card gets a score of about 10,400 while the HD 3870 X2 card pulls in 13,300 or so.

The estimated price on the ASUS EAH3850 X2 1GB card is $349 and it should be available starting sometime next week. That price tag places the card between the HD 3870 single-GPU cards (some of which have come out with 1GB of memory as well) and the dual-GPU HD 3870 X2s. This is indeed an area that AMD needs to address as they have no other GPU options for gamers in the $250-$350 range. Hopefully we'll see the HD 3850 X2 1GB models from more vendors causing a price drop closer to $300. But for now, we are eager to get a full allotment of time with this card and report our results! Check back soon!!

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