Star Wars Jedi: Survivor modder gets fed up waiting and fixes the game themselves

Mod has been released which cures some of the worst shortcomings of the game on PC, including crashing with ray tracing, and those horrible white flashes.

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a game that's been blighted by performance issues since its launch, with gremlins in the works that are still to be cured - but one enterprising PC gamer has taken matters into their own hands.

Jedi: Survivor has had more than its fair share of bugs and graphical glitches (Image Credit: EA)

Jedi: Survivor has had more than its fair share of bugs and graphical glitches (Image Credit: EA)

Wccftech spotted that 'Snight01' took to the Steam forums with a post linking to their DIY mod (that you stick in the PAKS directory) which fixes some of the most annoying problems with Jedi: Survivor.

Namely the game crashing with ray tracing turned on, plus the mod fixes occlusion culling pop-in (that causes horrible flashes of white to appear fleetingly).

According to feedback on the Steam forum, the mod works well in applying these resolutions.

One respondent on the thread notes that there are no white flashes as they move around, and no crashes in Jedha's underground bunker (whereas the player had a lot of repeatable crashing there before).

So that sounds good, but of course, we must inject a warning here. Downloading a mod like this is something you do at your own risk, naturally, and we'd generally err on the side of caution in general and give it a swerve. (We won't link the mod directly, by the way, but you can find it by following the top news source listed below this story).

That said, even if (like us) you understandably don't want to follow an unknown download link off the Steam forums, this does give hope that maybe the devs can get this fixed soon - or at least reduce any instances of crashing - if a modder can. Fingers crossed and all that.

You may have noticed an official patch was pushed out yesterday, too, which fixes various unspecified crashes across PC and consoles. The arrival of Patch 6 for Jedi: Survivor will at least somewhat placate those who've been complaining that the game seems to have rather been abandoned (Patch 5 came out some time back, on May 18 in fact).

The devs note that further patches are in the pipeline, saying:

"We thank you for your continued support as we work hard to improve your experience with Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. We will continue to share timing for future patches once they become available."

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