NVIDIA RTX 4060 Ti sales are reportedly weak and outgunned by AMD's RX 7600 GPU

The rumor mill paints a pretty desperate picture for NVIDIA's brave new mid-range hope, which could be the 'worst launch in memory' we're told.

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AMD's RX 7600 graphics card is outperforming NVIDIA's RTX 4060 Ti in terms of sales, and by a good margin, if the latest gossip from the grapevine is right.

Well-known YouTube leaker Moore's Law is Dead (MLID) has a new video out that will not make pleasant viewing for NVIDIA, claiming that the RTX 4060 Ti is floundering out there right now. (Something early price cuts point to, as well).

One of the leaker's most trusted sources, who is apparently 'deep' within the supply chain, informed MLID that overall, this mid-range GPU head-to-head was a relatively modest launch globally for both AMD and NVIDIA.

We're told that both firms have shipped around 90,000 of these graphics cards, with NVIDIA sending out more RTX 4060 Ti GPUs to Europe than it normally would, and AMD doing the same for the North American market. Usually, with mid-range products like these, we'd expect north of 100,000 units (so 90,000 isn't a huge way off, but it is fewer than anticipated, for sure).

The insider reckons in the US, NVIDIA has shipped around 33,000 RTX 4060 Ti cards, whereas AMD has pushed out some 27,000 units - add your own salt with all this. And there's some eyebrow-raising going on that NVIDIA has barely shipped many more than AMD here (when as we know, Team Green absolutely dominates GPU market share).

MLID suggests this shipping data alone clearly illustrates a lack of confidence in the RTX 4060 Ti from NVIDIA, and we'd have to agree, with the obvious caveat that the source hasn't got things round their neck somehow with that data.

What makes it believable, too, is that the RTX 4060 Ti isn't a very compelling offering on several fronts. (Although arguably, neither is the RX 7600 - but there's a huge gulf in MSRP, of course, and the more affordable AMD GPU is going to be tempting purely because it's much more realistically priced at $269, compared to $399 for the 4060 Ti in the US).

A tale of two mid-range GPUs

MLID further notes that a graphics card distributor said they're seeing decent demand for RX 7600 stock from retailers, but that the RTX 4060 Ti is a different story, and isn't really shifting units at all.

Quotes from retailers are also pretty scathing of NVIDIA's new GPU, noting that "few have sold so far" in one case, and that the firm has no plans to order more yet. That said, this retailer observes that the RX 7600 isn't selling much better, but that's expected to change this week.

Another major US retailer reckons that the RTX 4060 Ti launch is the "worst in memory" no less, and that, in contrast, the RX 7600 has actually sold out, with no stock left on shelves - at least in some stores. (The AMD GPU is not doing nearly that well nationwide in the US, mind, we're informed).

Word from graphics card makers on the RTX 4060 Ti is also rather negative, and the overall vibe is that manufacturers are not requesting much in the way of GPU allocation (with seemingly little faith that the cards will sell).

Overall, this looks like a shaky picture for the RTX 4060 Ti, but NVIDIA may not be overly concerned at this point - not just yet. It looks like Team Green is betting more on the RTX 4060 - which is much more affordably priced (at $299) - to make waves when it arrives in July. If needed, price cuts can presumably be brought in for the 4060 Ti eventually (though not before the vanilla 4060 has made an impact, we'd guess).

Besides, NVIDIA's coffers aren't exactly in any trouble right now, not given the vast amounts of cash that its AI chips are bringing in, with the company having just hit a $1 trillion valuation off the back of that success.

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