AMD RX 7600 GPU seen in more pics - with a rumored price that could scare NVIDIA

Another batch of leaked photos show the Sapphire Pulse RX 7600, and give us a few spec details - plus the rumored price of $300 might really worry NVIDIA.

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AMD's Radeon RX 7600 graphics card has again been spotted in leaked pics of a model from Sapphire, which among other things shows the VRAM loadout on the box - which, as previously rumored, is 8GB.

Those photos also show that the RX 7600 has 32 Compute Units, meaning 2048 Stream Processors (cores), again as speculation has contended in the past.

The images were shared by VideoCardz, and they're of the Sapphire Pulse version of the RX 7600, which some of you may recall has already been the subject of a leak from a Chinese retailer. The Pulse is one of Sapphire's more affordable products slotting under its Nitro models.

VideoCardz tells us another key bit of info here, and that's the price, which the tech site doesn't expect to be above $300 in the US.

So, that suggests we're looking at $299.99 probably, but as ever, take any pre-released price predictions with a whole heap of caution.

This nugget on pricing is particularly interesting because yesterday, we heard from VideoCardz that the tip on the previous RX 7600 leak (from the Asian retailer) came with a theoretical pricing of $249.

That sounds too good to be true, for sure. Furthermore, VideoCardz's sources indicating $300 or thereabouts as the right mark lines up with another leaker we heard from yesterday. Namely RedGamingTech on YouTube, and according to his sources, the RX 7600 pricing should pitch at an MSRP of $329. However, some entry-level third-party variants might be down more towards the $300 level.

In short, the rumors are pretty much coming into focus at that $300 mark, or close to it.

Trouble ahead for NVIDIA?

This could potentially be trouble for NVIDIA, seeing as the RX 7600 is going up against the RTX 4060 Ti in theory - indeed the latest rumor reckons those cards will launch on May 25 and 24 respectively. (Despite previous speculation pointing to a Computex launch for NVIDIA, the company may have shifted things up to disrupt AMD's plans).

Now, NVIDIA's rumored pricing for the RTX 4060 Ti is $399, and if the specs of these two rival mid-range GPUs are not all that far apart - as the grapevine has suggested in the past - there's a big gulf in relative cost compared to the RX 7600.

The good news is that we'll know soon enough how this will play out, or we should do, what with the purported launches being just two weeks away. Indeed, NVIDIA is expected to announce the RTX 4060 Ti (and vanilla RTX 4060) at the start of next week, so we might even learn pricing at that point.

It's going to be an interesting battle to watch unfold, but like many gamers, we just want some truly affordable current-gen GPUs to get out there on shelves. And at this stage, it looks like the RX 7600 might be the best bet for a wallet-friendly contemporary graphics card - unless you want to look at Intel's Arc products.

To be fair to Team Blue, there have been some pretty stellar deals on the A770 recently, which is increasingly looking like a solid bet as Intel's graphics drivers improve over time. So that's one to keep watching for those willing to diverge from the herd of the traditional GPU duopoly.


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