"Atom" brand CPU launch from Intel

Low powered tiny beast.

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Intel Corp. the proverbial Chipzilla has released news of the latest marketing name for its new family of ultra-small CPU's.

The brand name "Atom" for the ultra small chips which are designed to give end-users an entirely new design, built for low power and designed specifically for a new wave of Mobile Internet Devices and simple, low-cost PC's.

We can expect the new Atom chips to fulfill the needs on ultra-mobile PC's (UMPC) and possibly some larger PDA's. It probably also spells bad news for VIA Tech's C7 line of low power processors which have enjoyed relative good success over the past years.

The world's biggest chip maker has announced that the new "Atom" CPU is newly designed from the ground up, 45nm Intel Atom processors pack an astounding 47 million transistors on a single chip measuring less than 25mm², making them Intel's smallest and lowest power processors. These will join the ranks of other established branded Intel CPU's in their product line up, including amongst others Core 2 Quad, Core 2, Pentium, Celeron and Xeon.

For more info check out Intel's website here.
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