ASUS shows 7-inch R70 UMPC at CeBIT

Hands-on in Germany.

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It looks as if ASUS have big plans from the CeBIT trade show in Germany this year already displaying its touch screen M536 QWERTY Smartphone and ZX1 Lamborghini phone.

The folks over at Engadget managed to get an early look at the upcoming ASUS R70 Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) with 7-inch screen. While only a big bad security guy was manning the booth, they suspect it is powered by an upcoming Intel processor (possibly Silverthorne) at 1.6GHz along with a 120GB hard drive and Windows Vista.

On the outside it has two USB jacks, memory card slot, kick-stand for watching videos as well as controls similar to the previous 5-inch R50a UMPC. Since at the ASUS booth it was mounted in a car, it would suggest that it either has GPS built-in or it is at least an option.

Check out the photo gallery for more.

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