NVIDIA might be planning yet another RTX 3060 graphics card with faster VRAM

If true, that'd make four variants of the RTX 3060, but this version would go the other way compared to the last card that cut things back RAM-wise.

NVIDIA might be planning yet another RTX 3060 graphics card with faster VRAM
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NVIDIA could be readying a further spin on its RTX 3060 graphics card, and if so, that would mean Team Green will have pushed out no fewer than four variations of this board.

The leaked variant that might be inbound was highlighted on Twitter by T4C Fantasy, who's in charge of the Tech Powerup database, and unearthed the model somewhere. (We aren't told where, but presumably in GPU-Z validations, as VideoCardz, which first reported on this, points out).

It'll be quite different from existing takes on the RTX 3060, apparently, running with an entirely different chip and faster memory too.

Specifically, the tweet details an RTX 3060 which is based on the GA104 chip - as opposed to GA106, which the existing RTX 3060 versions are built around - and it'll supposedly boast 12GB of GDDR6X VRAM. Again, that's different to current RTX 3060s which employ plain GDDR6.

The new variant will stick with the same CUDA Core count, memory bus width (192-bit), and other specs of the original RTX 3060.

Apply the usual caution as with any rumor, and further bear in mind that even if NVIDIA is planning this variant right now, those plans could change and the idea might be ditched.

Is a fourth version of the RTX 3060 overkill? Well, yes, it does seem that way, but this only serves to underline just how popular a model the RTX 3060 is for NVIDIA. A version with faster GDDR6X VRAM could offer a nice performance boost, but the catch might be availability. If this graphics card is launched at all, it may be regionally limited (perhaps only coming out in Asia).

If you're wondering what the other variants are, there's the original RTX 3060 (with 12GB GDDR6) and an LHR (Lite Hash Rate) spin on that, plus the newer model which drops the memory to 8GB and memory bus to 128-bit (and the price tag too, that's the good bit).

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