Remainder GeForce 9 series detailed

GX2, GTX, GT and GS.

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Nvidia's remainder GeForce 9 series graphics cards have had their fair share of rumors around the forums lately.

DigiTimes goes a step further and confirms most of it. We believe what they are saying as it matches most of what we have heard from our company contacts.

As you know, the mainstream performance 9600 GT was just released and will be followed by the 9800 GX2 (two G92 GTS 512MB cores) on March 11. The GX2 will be followed by the GeForce 9800 GTX and 9800 GT between the end of March and beginning of April.

As for Nvidia's mid-range products, the 9600 GS is said to arrive in May while the lower-end 9500 GT (based on the G96 graphics core with a reduced 128-bit memory interface) will arrived around Computex time in July and will be followed by the 9500 GS in July.

Busy times ahead!

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