Elon Musk drops date for Twitter Blue relaunch, and changing your verified name

Elon Musk has decided to relaunch Twitter Blue's verification system to ensure it's 'rock solid', while also giving an update on account name changes.

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Elon Musk has decided the launch of Twitter Blue and the controversial blue verification check mark needs to be relaunched.

The SpaceX and Tesla CEO took to Twitter to announce that he would "punting" the relaunch of "Blue Verified" to the end of the month in an attempt to "make sure that it is rock solid". The decision to relaunch Twitter Blue, is probably an overall good choice by Musk when considering the rollercoaster of the original launch of the updated subscription service.

Following the first day of Twitter Blue being available to users on iOS the social media platform experienced a massive influx of account impersonators that created new fake profiles of individuals/companies, and by simply paying the $8 they received a Blue verification check mark that made them appear legitimate to the unsuspecting eye.

These fake accounts ranged from Musk's own Twitter account, to individuals impersonating Nintendo and posting an image of Mario flipping the bird, Twitter's own account that announced Twitter Blue was free to crypto/NFT holders that "authorized" their digital wallets via the link included in the post, General Motors, Audi, Volkswagen and more.

The initial rollout of paid verification check marks caused platform-wide confusion that has even resulted in some companies advertising with Twitter pulling its ads until something is done. Musk announced that Blue Verified will relaunch on November 29, and that with the new release users who decide to pay for Twitter Blue and change their name will cause a loss of the verified check mark until Twitter can confirm the account meets the company's Terms of Service.

Musk recently appeared in an interview where he admitted that he's working too much, and that since he purchased Twitter he's realized that he has "too much more on my plate". The Tesla CEO said during an interview at the B20 Conference in Indonesia held on November 14, "I'm really working at the absolute most amount that I can work, from morning 'til night, seven days a week." The SpaceX CEO recently wrote on Twitter that he would be sleeping at Twitter Headquarters in San Francisco until "org is fixed".

Musk is no stranger to a more-than-full work week as the entrepreneur previously slept on a couch at Tesla when the company struggled to meet production deadlines.

In other news, the world's second largest cryptocurrency exchange has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, and the former CEO and co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) has been taking to his personal Twitter account to share why the exchange has collapsed, as well as his plan for helping customers that have their money stuck within the broke platform.

NEWS SOURCES:twitter.com, theverge.com

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