Merry XMAS Everyone!

May you receive big presents.

| Dec 24, 2007 at 12:23 am CST
Well folks, that time of year is upon us all again; the time to be jolly, giving, considerate and family bound; all of the things which by rights we should be doing all year around, but seldom due to the pressures and challenges life throws in our path do we always stay with it.

With each year that passes by though, this is the time we like to stop in our tracks, turn around and take in how far we've risen up the mountain-side.

This is normally our cue to talk about how it's been a terrific year for all of us here at TweakTown thanks to you guys, our readers continuing to support us and indicate that we're on the right track. However, 2007 has without doubt been of particular success for us, not only thanks to a refreshing facelift to the site but also in terms of reaching new heights with the quality and quantity of content we've always strived to bring our readers since day dot.

This achievement could never have been accomplished without the exponential growth of our team who are dedicated to bringing you an even more diverse range of content to read from on a regular basis, this being another testament to our growth this year as we have also become affiliated with several other well known (and not so well known) companies to help continue with our upward climb.

Come 2008, we have quite a number of other big plans lined up for the site with zero intent to do anything other than continue accelerating on our 2007 growth. So if you're attracted to what we've had to offer in the passing months/years already, rest assured we intend to make you a complete TT addict by this time next year with some big surprises!

To help take away the business-like seriousness out of the above and add some light-hearted christmasy comedic spice to the mix, you may like to have a read of a rather cleverly modified version of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas', relabeled 'Twas The Night Before Geekmas' as a more appropriate fitting to the theme; this with compliments and christmas cheers from the jolly folks over at Tech Report.

And here's an appropriately themed christmas tree in line of the above. Do I see a bit of sparkling history with a Thoroughbred B Athlon sitting proudly up top there?

Giggles aside, on behalf of all of us here at TweakTown we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

As expected, things will be a little slow around here over the next few days whilst we all take the time to drink lots and be merry with our families on christmas day.

But for those of you who are worried about getting withdrawals, don't fear as we have quite a bit of content lined up for ya'all before and after the new year. So be sure to check back in a few days!

Your TweakTown News Writer and Editor - Steve Dougherty signing off.

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