Low/mid-range HD 3000 cards coming

Images and specs leaked.

| Dec 22, 2007 at 5:12 pm CST
MadBoxPC has managed to source a stack of info with images of AMD's upcomimg low-end to mid-range lineup of desktop graphics cards, these to further expand the existing HD 3000 series which is currently limited to the high-end 3850 and 3870 models.

The upcoming cards comprise an entry-level HD 3450 along with slightly higher spec'd 3470 and 3650 variants.

Though the website isn't in english, the specs of each card are. Dailytech further expand on the details provided here.

Currently there is a significant performance gap between AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards in virtually all price ranges. AMD still has many loyal followers even if it doesn't offer the best performance available.

According to MadBoxPC, AMD has a trio of graphics cards slated for launch in January.

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