ASUS R.O.G. Series X48 pictured

Rampage Formula.

| Dec 19, 2007 at 8:46 pm CST
The lads over at TechConnect have managed to source an image of an upcoming motherboard from ASUS, not just any board but a high-end enthusiast oriented board based around Intel's yet to be released X48 chipset (X38 on steroids); this board to enter their ROG series lineup as the "Rampage Formula" which uses DDR2 memory. Also noted is that a DDR3 equipped "Rampage Extreme" will be launched by ASUS around the same time.

Delayed until February or not, the Intel X48 chipset will be the pride and joy of the Penryn builder and since it is "high-end" it will get to be featured in a couple of motherboards built by the Republic of Gamers' team. With the X48 pretty much done and very similar to the X38 Asus' new boards are practically finished and you can see one of them below.

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