TwinMOS unveil Mobile Disk X1 USB Flash

360c chromed swivel cap design.

| Dec 18, 2007 at 7:00 pm CST
TwinMOS has let us know about their new "Mobile Disk X1" flash drive which is avaiable in capacities of up to 8GB and sports a swivel cap design that allows it to rotate 360c around the actual drive; this is much handier than traditional cap designs where it can be easy to misplace.

There's quite a number of other aesthetically pleasing and usable features about it as well, which you can read in full detail within TwinMOS' official announcement.

(December 18, 2007, Taipei) As miniaturization continues its market trend on USB disk, TwinMOS introduces the masterpiece of Mobile Disk X1 for consumer's convenience. Mobile Disk X1 is miniature, lightweight and convenient for mobility. Its 360? revolving metal cap with reflective surface has revolutionized the plastic shell design of conventional USB disks. This state of art design eliminate the conventional problem for user to misplace the cap. The pure white X1 presents a metallic feeling and refined characteristic in a simple perfection of artwork.

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