Super Talent juice up PSU range

New lineup with NV SLI Cert.

| Dec 18, 2007 at 6:31 pm CST
Memory maker Super Talent have just boldy taken a firm step towards the enthusiast power supply market with their new "Atomic Juice" series, with variants of both a 600 and 700W model available in the lineup thus far.

As the name implies, these PSUs have been 'juiced' up with a unique appearance along with Quad 12V rails, NVIDIA SLI certification and some other nice touches.

You can find a few images of the units here, and you'll find more details about the Atomic Juice range within the official PR here and also at the product page on Super Talent's website folks.

Nvidia® SLI™ certified Atomic Juice PSUs come in 600W and 700W sizes. "We didn't want this to be just another cookie cutter PSU, so we juiced it up with a unique look and best-of-class features", said Super Talent Director of Business Development, Paul Sperry. The ultra-quiet 120mm ball bearing fan, which is backlit with fire-orange LEDs, communicates with temperature sensors, automatically adjusting RPM and airflow as needed.

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