NVIDIA's 780i SLI has arrived

Penryn support with 3-way SLI.

| Dec 17, 2007 at 4:03 pm CST
Finally comes the time to see NVIDIA's aging 680i flagship desktop chipset kicked off its thrown in favour of a faster, more feature-packed and overall improved nForce offering known as 780i SLI.

We knew to expect it before we saw 2007 out, and that time has come today. Bringing Penryn support to the Intel crowd with up to 3-way SLI and other various enhancements, this chipset has some solid potential for sure.

Is it a worthy alternative to what Intel has on offer with P35 / X38 / X48? Take a look at the coverage I've rounded up below and see for yourself.

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- Tech Report
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- bit-tech
- XBit Labs
- Hexus
- Digit-Life

NVIDIA's press release can also be located here.

Tech Report:-

If you want to combine one of Intel's swanky new 45nm processors with an SLI multi-GPU graphics configuration, there's a problem. You see, while nForce 600-series chipsets are compatible with Intel's latest Penryn-based CPUs, current motherboard implementations are not. The incompatibility runs deeper than what can be addressed with a simple BIOS update, as well-a board-level circuit change is required.

Motherboard makers could respin their nForce 600-series designs with the necessary changes, but the nForce 600 series is more than a year old now, so it's due for a refresh anyway. That refresh comes in the form of the nForce 700 series, led by the flagship nForce 780i SLI.

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