AMD multi-GPU made easy on IGP

Hybrid Crossfire coming.

| Dec 13, 2007 at 6:42 pm CST
NVIDIA arn't the only ones to make some multi-GPU noise with their Triple-SLI tech launch today; on the other side of the fence AMD have a trick up their sleeve too, though aimed more so towards the lower-end market segment.

Dubbed "Hybrid Crossfire", this technology is actually quite a clever one which I don't doubt will be a success. It works in conjunction with motherboards that carry an integrated graphics processor and it allows the user to further boost the graphics performance down the track by not only having the ability to add a discrete graphics solution to the platform (as has been an option on many IGP based motherboards for quite some time), but also to harness the power of the integrated graphics chip at the same time.

This effectively then works in a similar way to the usual Crossfire arrangement, and the clever thing about it is that the integrated graphics processor isn't going to waste when it's time to boost performance with a seperate graphics card.

Though still a bit of a way from being finished, AMD kindly allowed for an early preview with the new tech prior to their Financial Analyst Day in New York. The below sites have coverage :-

- Hot Hardware
- Legit Reviews
- PC Perspective
- Anandtech

Hot Hardware:-

Prior to holding its Financial Analyst Day in New York City, AMD showed off some new CrossFire-related technology to a few select members of the press. What we saw was AMD's Hybrid CrossFire and its associated hardware, which marries next-generation integrated graphics processors (IGP) and entry-level discreet graphics cards for increased performance and functionality. Please note, however, that "Hybrid CrossFire" may not be the official name of this platform when it is made available sometime in early to mid Q108.

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