Intel P45 might arrive when X48 does

Successor to P35.

| Dec 12, 2007 at 5:06 pm CST
As a quick heads up in relation to Intel's plans for the new year, most of you would already be aware that they plan to release a finely tuned X38 desktop chipset (to be stamped "X48") with 1600MHz FSB support and a few other tweaks here and there; this to be supposedly launched by mid to late January.

However, what we've only just learned is that it looks like the successor to P35 may start shipping at around the same time, at least if this rumour holds true.

Known as P45, this replacement mainstream chipset will be more or less a subtle adjustment to the tried and true P35 chipset many of us have opened arms to; P45 will bring 1600MHz FSB support along with a few minor bug fixes and changes.

P45 might be a redundant name to anyone in the UK, but that hasn't stopped Intel from apparently using the name for its next mainstream motherboard chipset. According to a motherboard manufacturer that we've spoken to, Intel is planning to introduce the new chipset in 2008, possibly as early as January, and the rumour is that it will basically be the same as the P35, but with a 1,600MHz front side bus.

The timing of the launch sounds about right to us, as Intel is also planning to launch its first CPU with a 1,600MHz front side bus, the Core 2 Extreme QX9770, in January 2008. Intel also plans to announce its X48 chip for enthusiasts at this time, which supports the 1,600MHz front side bus as well.

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