Bitcoin tumbling HARD, all cryptos down: BTC was $30,000.. now $21,000

Bitcoin has tumbled from $30K down to $21K with crypto analysts warning BTC could drop down to $8K... fueling the nightmare.

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I'm sure the day of June 13, 2022, will be a day that crypto investors, experts, traders, and everyone in between will mark as a day of reckoning for not just Bitcoin, but most cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin tumbling HARD, all cryptos down: BTC was $30,000.. now $21,000 02

Bitcoin has tumbled down from its $29,000 support down to $23,000 to start the week -- dropping to $21,000 today -- meaning Bitcoin has dropped to its lowest level since December 2020. With BTC down to $23,000 it means that a huge $200 billion in market cap was wiped away, with Bitcoin sitting at $22,000 at the time of writing. There's now a "crypto winter"

It was only in November 2021 that Bitcoin breached a new all-time high price of over $68,000 but those days are over (for now) with Bitcoin dropping from its $29,000 support down into $21-$22,000 we're looking at a bigger plunge down 80% from its ATH to $14,000 or so. The headlines and panic will only get worse if that happens, more so than the end of days headlines, there are now.

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