Apacer Photo Steno Pro IV 300X CF card

Ideal for high-end SLRs.

| Dec 7, 2007 at 8:28 pm CST
Apacer have taken their Photo Steno CompactFlash lineup to new heights with the introduction of a fourth gen CF card dubbed the "Photo Steno Pro IV 300X".

Available in 4 and 8GB capacities (with a 16MB model said to be launching soon), these are primarily suited for use in professional SLR cameras, and they're rather fast with read speeds of up to 47MB/sec and write speeds of 36MB/sec.

Apacer has listed an RRP on the 4 and 8GB models at $155 and $290 AUD respectively. You can find out more information about the cards here.

Sydney, Australia December 07 , 2007 -Apacer Technology officially introduces the fourth generation CompactFlash® memory card, the Photo Steno Pro IV 300X CF card, for professional cameras. Currently, the capacities are available in 4GB and 8GB, and 16GB is also expected to launch soon. Apacer 300X CF card is equipped with the highly compatible high-performance controller, advanced file management ability at faster data transferring rate, and longer life with Apacer exclusive "Wear Leveling Technology".

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