RV635 with DisplayPort in the flesh!

Exclusive peek at HotHardware.

| Dec 6, 2007 at 5:00 pm CST
The folks at HotHardware have come through with the goods today as they bring us details and images of AMD's upcoming mid-range RV635 based graphics card. The biggest highlight however is in the fact that this card is confirmed to bring DisplayPort connectivity to the masses which carries several advantages over DVI-D.

Though there arn't any monitors on the market with DisplayPort just yet, it is said that these should start showing up roughly around the same time RV635 is set for release (Q1'08).

This XT variant of the RV635 cards also appears to carry with it a HDMI port, and of course DVI.

To learn more about the card and advantages of DisplayPort connectivity, head over to HotHardware.

We've got a bit of show-and-tell for you here this morning. You might recall recent announcements of a new digital display interface, dubbed DisplayPort by VESA, the Video Electronics Standards Association. This new interface will supplant DVI and VGA connections eventually and its micropacket architecture offers significantly more bandwidth with multi-monitor support over a single cable.

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