Elden Ring to get seamless co-op, next-gen exploring is coming

Elden Ring will soon be blessed with a new co-op mod that will expand how players can explore the Lands Between together.

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A modder is currently working on a new Elden Ring mod that will bring seamless co-op to FromSoftware's latest title.

The mod is created by LukeYui, and while Elden Ring already supports co-op, the new mod will allow players to explore the Land Between more as players who join a friend will no longer be confined to bosses or certain areas. The mod is expected to enter public beta on May 27, and as displayed in the above video, players are able to receive shared rewards from enemies, engage in PvP, and even spectate the other player if they have died.

While many Elden Ring players are excited about the coming mod, there is a decently large group of players against its addition due to the mod not supporting any of FromSoftware's online services, which means that invasions aren't possible. If many of Elden Ring's player base download the mod, it will separate the total player base into players who are playing Elden Ring "offline" with the mod and those who are available for an invasion via FromSoftware's online services.

Basically, people who enjoy invading other people will have fewer players to invade as those players who want a full co-op experience are likely to have modded their game.

LukeYui recently provided some answers to many popular questions about the mod.

Q) Can the mod get me banned?

A) No, the mod doesn't connect to the matchmaking servers and does not use FromSoftware's online services and therefore you can't get banned for using it.

Q) What is the player cap?

A) The maximum player count in a party is 4 (1 host + 3 guest players). Increasing the player cap beyond this is out of the scope of this project.

Q) Are there invasions?

A) No, there are no invasions. You can PvP with members of your party if you like using an item to toggle friendly fire mode.

Q) How do items work?

A) Items are unique to every player. If boss drops a talisman pouch for example, everyone will get it. The same applies to items found in the world and enemy drops.

Q) How do sites of grace/bonfires work?

A) If one player sits at a site of grace anywhere in the world an enemy/world reset will occur for every player. If a player is fighting a non-open world boss at this time, they will be placed back outside the fog wall and the fight will be reset.

Q) Is progress shared?

A) Yes progress is shared. But it only applies to actions you do whilst in a player's world - for example if you start a fresh character and join a player to kill an end-game boss, only that boss will be dead in your world and you won't inherit all of the other player's progress they had before you joined.

Q) How does it work with the anti-cheat?

A) It doesn't, the mod uses a separate launcher which runs the game without launching Easy Anti-Cheat.

Q) Can I use other mods?

A) Yes, however for regulation / param file edits everyone in the party must have them active in order for them to be visible. (e.g. if just 1 player uses a randomiser, it will only work for that player).

Elden Ring to get seamless co-op, next-gen exploring is coming 01
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