DFI's LANParty LT X38 T2R arrives

Mean green machine.

| Dec 3, 2007 at 3:29 pm CST
Though DFI hit the press about this swish looking new motherboard over a week ago, it seemed to go unnoticed; which is hard to understand when you look at the aesthetics alone, not to mention all of the features on tap.

In typical LANParty LT style, DFI have gone all out with their X38 based offering, this dubbed the LANParty LT X38 T2R.

Some of its highlights are a quality 6-layer PCB with high-end 8-phase Digital PWM, Bernstein audio, three x16 PCI-E slots for Crossfire + Physics and stacks more bells and whistles.

For further details on it head over to DFI's website.

Intel X38 Northbridge chipset functions at the high speed FSB1333MHz to entirely supports the latest Quad core CPU with a faster and wider bandwidth. It releases the potential power of quad core processor what ever it has. Further, the X38 is featured with the Fast Memory Access technology which optimizes the use of available memory bandwidth and effectively reduces the latency of the memory accesses. In this way, it greatly improves the system performance.

Besides, LANParty LT X38-T2R utilizes ICH9R as the Northbridge chipset; it can attain the superb RAID functionality with reliability and speedy Matrix Storage technology. The technology offers"Rapid recovery" and boosts the transmission speed and performance of SATAII.

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