Chaintech intro 'Cool It Smart' for RAM

Pairing with APOGEE GT series.

| Nov 27, 2007 at 5:29 pm CST
Chaintech have just announced a new form of memory cooling system which will be bundled with their existing APOGEE GT series of 1800MHz DDR3 modules in an optional 'Deluxe' package.

Dubbed the Cool It Smart, this memory module cooling system comprises a decent sized heatsink which is placed on top of the modules to provide up to 50% cooling efficiency; further to this is two small fans on top to keep the heatsink block's temperatures down.

For more information on it, you can read the press release here.

Taipei, Taiwan, November 27, 2007-The overclocking memory module specialist, Walton Chaintech, proudly announced today the Cool It Smart™ (pat. pending): the absolute Heatsink System that can add almost 50 percent of cooling efficiency. Comes in the deluxe package of APOGEE GT DDR3 1800MHz memory module, the unique heatsink block design implements the best "Structural Stability" in the market, for the system itself is well-balanced and positioned with 4 screws providing more steadiness compared to regular heatsinks using snap closure.

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