Exclusive shots of MSI HydroGen on X48

German made block.

| Nov 26, 2007 at 2:51 am CST
bit-tech have managed to get some exclusive photos of an upcoming motherboard from MSI which will make use of Intel's flagship desktop chipset, X48.

Upon first glance, you'll be fixated on the board's rather unique cooling implementation dubbed HydroGen. This all-copper chipset cooling system comprises a german made waterblock and large heatpipe arrangement which is based on a (what looks to be) very well thought out principle, not like anything we've ever seen before in fact.

To learn more on how it works, head over to bit-tech.

The block is made in Germany as an all copper design where the water travels all the way from one end the other. This is completely unlike any previous design that we've seen before which has just featured simply a single in-out from a single block on a single chipset or power regulation components by the CPU. This means that you can run a system completely passively as there's no need for some airflow over the heatpipes like with other boards and the amount of flow reducing 90 degree turns is kept to an absolute minimum.

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