Geil unveil Black Dragon Evo One DDR2

Very nice timings!

| Nov 20, 2007 at 8:38 pm CST
The lads over at TechConnect have spotted a new high-end DDR2 memory series from Geil dubbed the Black Dragon Evo One.

The lineup comprises an extensive range of kits from 2x1GB through to 4x2GB, these available with speeds of 800MHz (4-4-4-12) and 1066MHz (5-5-5-15); rather impressive timings indeed!

Another interesting highlight of the modules is the type of heatspreader used. This is Geil's new Maximized Thermal & Conduction Dissipation (MTCD) heatsink made up of aluminum with copper heatpipes and fins.

For peace of mind when laying down the big bucks on one of these kits, Geil slap on a lifetime warranty as well.

Update: Geil have since forwarded on the official press release which provides further details and images.

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