kingp|n has a play with "next-gen" SLI

106,000 in 3DMark01.

| Nov 20, 2007 at 8:40 pm CST
kingp|n's been at it again; this time he cracks an astonishing 106,000 in 3DMark2001SE and over 28,000 in 3DMark06 with a pair of 8800 Ultras and Core 2 Extreme processor at 5.2GHz, though the most noteworthy aspect of this platform is the motherboard. It happens to be one of NVIDIA's "next-generation" SLI boards, not yet released to market.

Full details of his latest achievement can be found here.

Had a blast at the Geforce LAN this weekend doing some live DI overclocking demos using next generation NVIDIA/EVGA SLI platform with Yorkfield and 8800 ULTRAS in SLI. FUGGER flew in to hang out and help with the benching. I am thinking about giving FUGGER Gorrilakos's title of craziest driver now after driving all over Oakland looking for DI on Saturday . I think he/we got his money's worth out of that hyundai from Hertz lol. Also got to meet well known AMD freak s7e93hn and show him how to bench DI....rofl just kidding bro.

Special thanx to EVGA for getting me out there to do some benching and letting me COMPLETELY trash their booth for about 24hrs

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