AMD now focus on low/mid-range Radeons

Preparing RV620 and RV635.

| Nov 19, 2007 at 6:03 pm CST
Now that AMD have unleashed their high-end 3800 series graphics cards based on the 55nm RV670 GPU, they've shifted their attention towards the budget and mid-range market sector and are said to be working on the 'RV635' GPU which will become the "Radeon HD 3600" series.

It's also been briefly mentioned that "RV620" is shaping up to replace the existing HD 2400 series cards, which one would easily assume will become the HD 3400 series.

For full details on them head over to the Inquirer.

AMD IS PREPARING an interesting offering. After ordering massive amounts of 55nm 300mm wafers from TSMC containing Number of The Beast (RV670 comes with 666M trannies), it turns out that RV670 was just the beginning.

There are several new models coming to market based on these new 55nm chips. The RV620 is going to exist as a desktop card, succeeding the 2400Pro and 2400 XT, while the mobile part will come in a typically modular configuration. Since the lowest possible power is of essence, this won't be a turbo-charged part. RV620 is all about bringing affordable UVD to the world of desktops and noteboks, and not consuming too much power.

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