Intel swipes back at AMD - QX9770

1600MHz FSB / 3.2GHz.

| Nov 19, 2007 at 1:58 am CST
In a swift attempt to take away some of the focus on Spider, Intel also have a playing card up their sleeve today, that being a new flagship Core 2 Extreme processor in the QX9770.

This processor runs on a 1600MHz FSB and comes shipped with a stock clockspeed of 3.2GHz, up 200MHz from the previous top-end offering known as the QX9650.

Being based on the Penryn 45nm process, expect some HUGE overclocks to be possible with this baby. As an example, it didn't take Legit Reviews very long to ramp it up to a a speed of 4.51GHz.

The only downside of course is the price, it's WAY out of reach for most of us. the QX9650 currently shifts at an MSRP of $999 so it can be expected that by the time the QX9770 shows up on shelves it will be at least this much, if not a couple hundred higher.

So far both Legit Reviews and Hot Hardware have reviews online, and I'll come back in here to update you all with more coverage as it surfaces folks.

Update: I've spotted more reviews over at Toms Hardware, Techgage & TechSpot

Legit Reviews:-

Just a few weeks ago Intel released the Intel Core 2 Extreme Processor QX9650, which is the first 45nm Yorkfield Extreme Edition processor from Intel. Intel must be having great yields with the Yorkfield as the QX9770 will be part of the Q1 2008 high-end desktop processor lineup and is officially supported by the Intel X48 Express chipset that is not even out yet. The Intel QX9770 is the first 1600MHz desktop processor from Intel as the previous 45nm processors operated at 1333MHz. Some current Intel X38 Express motherboards boards on the market support 1600MHz FSB, so Intel sampled the QX9770 a bit early. If you want to purchase one of these you'll still have to wait till the official launch date in 2008, so sit back and enjoy this performance preview of what is to come next year.

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