Cooler Master intro COSMOS "ESA"

ESA PSUs and W/Cing to follow.

| Nov 13, 2007 at 4:35 pm CST
Following NVIDIA's recent unveiling of their new Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA) standard, there's been quite a few big companies join the party and announce their plans to release products that are based around ESA.

One such company is Cooler Master; they've announced a new "ESA" version of their highly praised COSMOS chassis which is basically identical to the standard COSMOS, however this one features an additional integrated thermal control board which adds four seperate sensors to the case.

These sensors are used to monitor and adjust system fan speeds accordingly; further to this, the system information gathered by the control board is also able to be displayed through a software control panel provided by NVIDIA.

Cooler Master mention that the COSMOS ESA should become available by the end of this month, and they also report that we'll be seeing a range of ESA certified power supplies and water cooling units soon as well.

For full details, grab the official announcement here folks.

Taipei, Taiwan - November 12, 2007 - Cooler Master Co. Ltd. proudly announces the support of Enthusiast System Architecture (ESA), an industry wide initiative to integrate communication between PC components, thereby improving user control of enthusiast systems. With immediate worldwide availability of the COSMOS ESA - an updated version of the company's flagship chassis - ESA certified power supplies and water cooling units will be available from Cooler Master shortly after the launch.

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