Creative intro three new 2.0 Speakers

GigaWorks & Inspire series.

| Nov 7, 2007 at 4:26 pm CST
The folks over at TechConnect have posted up a bunch of details on three new 2.0 speaker systems from Creative this week, these being the GigaWorks HD50, GigaWorks T40 and Inspire T10 series.

At $149.99 for either of the two GigaWorks kits and $49.00 for the Inspire T10s, these certainly arn't considered to be cheap baseline 2.0 speakers, but judging from the specs and info mentioned in the press release there's a good chance they're worthy of their price tags.

SINGAPORE - November 6, 2007 - Creative Technology Ltd., a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products, today announced a premium range of 2.0 stereo speakers featuring innovative technology, premium components and compact designs. Backed by engineering breakthroughs such as BasXPort™ technology and use of premium components which give truly outstanding bass without the need of a subwoofer, making these speakers smaller and more powerful than previously possible. Leading the premium range is the new innovative micro speaker system, Creative GigaWorks® HD50. Encompassing audiophile-grade drivers and components, Creative GigaWorks HD50 offers the ultimate in audio clarity.

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