Thermalright intro HR-03 GT H/S for 88GT

Beefy aftermarket cooler.

| Nov 1, 2007 at 10:35 pm CDT
Thermalright are quick to get out a beefy aftermarket cooler suited to the kickarse new 8800GT from NVIDIA. Dubbed the HR-03 GT this monster boasts six heatpipes with a double-sided heatsink base and room for a 92mm fan.

If you were hoping to fit this puppy onto your older NVIDIA based card you're also in luck as it can apparently be mounted to all GeForce 6800, 7800, 7900 and 8600GTS series cards. The ATI X1800 and X1900 series are supported as well.

For full details on it check out the product page on Thermalright's website.

The HR-03 series started in the beginning of 2007 and was beloved by many computer hardware enthusiasts. It doesn't matter if it's the HR-03 PLUS or the HR-03/R600, they were all able to bring out the best in your high end video card with unprecedented overclocking results by providing maximum cooling protection.

New video cards are constantly on the horizon. The most noticeable ones are the Nvidia G92 and the ATI RV670. Thermalright, of course, is right there again to welcome the new change of guard for extreme cooling and low noise.

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