Thermalright intro HR-07 Duo RAM cooler

High and low-rise versions.

| Oct 25, 2007 at 7:12 pm CDT
PC cooling specialist "Thermalright" have just added a new cooling product into their lineup, this being their HR-07 Duo memory cooler which is designed to replace the existing heatspreaders on your memory modules with a more effective form of cooling.

- Double heatpipes to double heatsinks for fast and efficient cooling
- Proprietary through holes on every fin for efficient ventilation in passive mode
- Vast compatibility across multiple types of memories (DDR1/DDR2/DDR3 - only support duble sided memory modules)
- No tools needed for an easy installation keeping manufacturer's warranty in tact without voiding it
- Supports Dual Channel Mode. Option to install on all four memory slots.

It's hard to say just how effective these are in assisting with a better overclock, some would be quick to judge and suggest they'd be entirely useless, I'm sure. However, it's without doubt they'd significantly drop the temps of your modules in any case, giving the enthusiast / overclocker more peace of mind when pumping extra volts into them.

Also worth noting is that the HR-07 DUO comes in both (H)igh Rise and (L)ow Rise versions, as described at the product page on Thermalright's website.

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