AMD unwrap DTX SFF standard

Reference design finished.

| Oct 22, 2007 at 5:20 pm CDT
Going back to January this year AMD revealed plans for a new open industry standard relating to small form factor systems, this simply referred to as DTX.

DTX's main purpose is to bring some consistancy to the small form factor chassis market with a set of standards for case makers to base their products off, much the same way the ATX standard works for desktop tower cases.

AMD have officially unveiled their new DTX standard today, and as such there are a number of review sites with white papers and stacks of other relevant info to help you learn more about the new design and its features. You can check the coverage out below :-

- Tech Report
- Anandtech
- Techwarelabs
- Hot Hardware

Tech Report

Ever since we first laid eyes on Shuttle's original XPC, we've been enamored with the concept of small, quiet boxes that still house very capable PCs. You've gotta like the combination of stylish design, power, and convenience that such systems bring to the desktop-or to the countertop, for that matter. For just about that same length of time, though, we've been wishing for a set of standards for small-form-factor systems that would allow DIYers to mix their preferred motherboards with just the right chassis.

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