OCZ's HydroJet nearing completion

Photos of latest prototype.

| Oct 18, 2007 at 10:15 pm CDT
The lads at Hardware Secrets were lucky enough to have OCZ show them their latest (second) prototype of their much anticipated "HydroJet" CPU cooler, this potentially being the exact version we'll end up seeing shipped in the near future.

The HydroJet is promised to revolutionize CPU cooling, it's of cylindrical design with a radial fan and sports several aluminum heatpipes, but the most interesting feature is the embedded pump seated between the copper base and cooler body, this indicative of a closed water cooling system. The copper base also has carbon nano-tubes in the middle.

It will be VERY interesting to see how the HydroJet stacks up against high-end air coolers and pre-built watercooling kits.

You can view some images of the latest prototype here.

Six months ago we talked about a prototype from a CPU cooler from OCZ called HydroJet. Now OCZ showed us a new prototype for the same product, being somewhat different from the first version we saw, seeming to be the final version that will reach the market. So let's take a look on the new HydroJet CPU cooler prototype from OCZ.

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