Scythe improves 120mm fan design


| Oct 15, 2007 at 6:49 pm CDT
Scythe have found a way to further enhance performance of traditional 120mm system fans by increasing the fan thickness from the common 25mm to 38mm, this apparently allowing the fan to operate with a higher "Static Pressure".

Dubbed the "Ultra Kaze 120", these series of fans are offered in three flavours, 1,000RPM, 2,000RPM and 3,000RPM. To give you an idea of the improved performance characteristics of these new fans, the slowest 1,000RPM model is still capable of pushing 44,44CFM.

Scythe have included a couple of charts in their press release to further give you an idea of the advantages to the new design over previous fans available in their range. Click the image below to get a better look at the results.

Scythe Co., Ltd (Tokyo, Japan) announces three new 120mm fans. These new fans provide a better performance by integrating the higher "Static Pressure" feature. Unlike the common fans with 25mm thickness, the new "Ultra Kaze 120" comes with 38mm thickness. The slowest model (DFS123812L-1000) is specified with 1000RPM, 19,81dBA and 44,44CFM. Furthermore, it is designed for silent operation in a PC system. Other models of "Ultra Kaze 120" (DFS123812L-2000 and DFS123812L-3000) aim for enthusiasts who are seeking high performance and high airflow for their PCs.

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