NOX-XTREME release PULSAR PSU series

With added bling (red or blue)

| Oct 11, 2007 at 7:34 pm CDT
A mob by the name of "NOX-XTREME" have just entered into the PSU market some very flash looking models making up their new "PULSAR Series". Though it would be a little hard to trust a brand most of us haven't heard of before, these units certainly look the part with LEDs embedded into the connection points as well as a matching coloured 140mm LED fan.

You can buy a 650W or 750W model with a choice of red or blue LED theme, these using an advanced modular power connector design.

Techpowerup have the full scoop on 'em here.

After the URANO Series of 500W and 600W power supplies, NOX XTREME surprises with the PULSAR Series. These power supplies of 650W or 750W feature advanced modular power connectors management system, which allows to connect only necessary cables, obtaining to more space and order within the box.

It's aspect is really spectacular with a shiny nickel finish and amazing red and blue LEDs in the connections. The 140 mm fans (with LED) are controlled automatically and the antivibration system reduces the noise that could be caused by the power supply. The PULSAR series includes 4 PCI-E power connectors for today's demanding gaming systems and is ready for SLi and QUAD SLi.

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