Sharkoon intros "Rapid-Case" enclosures

IDE/SATA + USB/eSATA options.

| Oct 9, 2007 at 6:31 pm CDT
A press release from Sharkoon today introduces their new "Rapid-Case" series, these being external drive enclosures for 3.5" HDDs. Three models are available for SATA or IDE based HDDs, coming in options of black or silver as well as USB or USB+eSATA combinations.

To get the full rundown on 'em grab Sharkoon's press release.

Sharkoon introduces a competitively priced series of external enclosures for 3.5" hard drives. The new "Rapid-Case" series is available in black or silver and with several different connection interfaces. IDE hard drives connect via USB-2.0, while SATA hard drives have the option of two different models: one model with a USB-2.0 connection, and one model with both e-SATA and USB-2.0 connections.

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