RiData launches 32GB SATA SSD

Solid state on the rise.

| Oct 8, 2007 at 7:18 pm CDT
The solid state storage market sees a new entry today, this one from Ridata with the new 32GB SATA SSD. As a 2.5" drive it is aimed at the mobile sector and carries an MTBF of four million hours.

Dailytech report that the read and write speeds of this drive are listed at 60MB/sec and 48MB/sec respectively, a little less than its competitors. This 32GB model should become available in a few weeks, with a 64GB variant due late November.

For full details, head over to the Dailytech.

The performance fares favorably with Samsung's mainstream 64GB SSD which offers read/write speeds of 65MB/sec and 45MB/sec respectively. Mtron's outrageously priced SSDs, on the other hand, put both to shame with read speeds of 120MB/sec and write speeds of 90MB/sec.

"Our new Ridata SSD offers exceptionally consistent high performance in all environments," said Advanced Media President Harvey Liu. "Compared to a traditional HDD the Ridata SSD is smaller; uses half as much power; is ultra lightweight; offers incredibly fast boot and access times; and operates at a low temperature with no mechanically moving parts. It is the ideal HDD replacement for OEMs, ODMs and system integrators as well as consumers."

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