ASUS starts bundling "OC gear" w/ GFX

and faster memory modules too.

| Sep 28, 2007 at 6:34 pm CDT
ASUS have announced their first graphics card this week to include the new "OC gear" which is the world's first hardware based real-time overclocking device, bundled with select graphics cards.

Dubbed the EN8600GT OC GEAR/HTDP/256M, this is an Nvidia 8600GT offering but ASUS have switched the stock memory for even higher performing modules to allow for a higher overclock ceiling. ASUS say that users can expect up to a 30% overclocking performance increase together with the use of their new OC gear device.

For full details, check out the announcement posted up over at PCStats.

In order to provide gamers with the best overclocking experience, the EN8600GT OC GEAR edition is equipped with -1 memory modules. The high speed capability of these super fast memory modules allow the best overclocking capabilities for memory speeds. Such a speed upgrade will help boost 3DMark06 scores from 4185 to 5493 - an astonishing 30% improvement*.

With an easy-to-read mirror LED display, the OC gear displays real-time graphic card information including the GPU temperature and the current FPS (Frames Per Second). In addition, the user-friendly knob allows timely adjustments by simply pressing it to switch menu options including volume, GPU clock, and fan speed to suit different game requirements. The OC gear also allows gamers to conveniently overclock, control system settings, and keep an eye on temperatures from the front of the chassis.

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