Nvidia unveil new Intel IGP chipsets

MCP73 / nForce 630i.

| Sep 25, 2007 at 5:28 pm CDT
Nvidia have today introduced three new IGP based chipsets into their GeForce 7 series motherboard lineup, these ones catering to the Intel platform and referred to as the "nForce 630i".

Targeted at the cost-effective budget market sector, the (MCP73) GeForce 7150, 7100, and 7050 mGPUs all carry support for the full range of Intel CPUs including the upcoming 45nm 1333MHz FSB models. Support for HDMI and DVI is also resident across the new lineup along with all the other typical features you'd expect (high-def audio, vacant x16 PCIe slot, eight USB 2.0 ports etc.).

Nvidia's official announcement on the new Intel IGP lineup can be located at their press room.

SANTA CLARA, CA-SEPTEMBER 25, 2007- The recent introduction of Microsoft Vista and a slew of other 3D-optimized applications, including Google Maps and Microsoft Office 2007, has redefined customers' expectations for experiencing visually-rich mainstream applications on their home and business PCs. As a result, consumers have now made the GPU a primary requirement in their PC purchasing decisions. As the only independent GPU provider, NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA) is well positioned to capitalize on this emerging trend, and is proud to announce that it has extended its family of GeForce 7-Series motherboard graphics processing units (mGPUs) to Intel processor-based PCs. Starting today, GeForce graphics are more affordable and accessible than ever before for Intel customers.

Almost in perfect sync with the unveiling, GALAXY have issued out an announcement which highlights the release of their top to bottom NVIDIA nForce 630i lineup. These comprising the MCP73U, MCP73PV and MCP73V.

Newest Motherboard offered by Galaxy. Designed for Intel family processors. The Platform is based on nFORCE 630i and 610i chipsets with on board GPU- bringing the performance similar to the 7300 cards. Supports processor units with 1333 MHz front side bus, giving you the flexibility to build PCs with today and tomorrow's CPUs. The mainboard is equipped with optional HDMI and DVI connectors, high definition audio controller and a PCIeX slot. It is one of the best base solutions for modern Media Center or Office computers. Galaxy Motherboard delivers better graphics, faster performance, and a great Windows Vista experience.

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