AMD to dish up Pro *and* GT HD 2900s

GT to make R600 cheap as chips.

| Sep 24, 2007 at 6:50 pm CDT
According to the Inquirer there won't just be a cut-down Pro variant entering AMD's top-end HD 2900 series soon, but also a HD 2900 GT. They even managed to score a photo of the Sapphire GT card in its retail packaging. All that is known about it at this stage is that it'll likely see no more than 256MB of memory on a 256-bit interface and will be one very cheap R600 purchase for people on a tight budget.

More info here.

Beside the 2900Pro, one of our sharp-eyed readers also spotted a 2900GT from Sapphire. We're unsure of the specs here, but now it is for sure that it will come with only 256MB of local memory, most probably with a 256-bit interface. Judging by the pricing of 2900Pro, we would not be surprised if the 2900GT retails at around £150, making this card quite a deal.

Regardless of what you might think about the R600 marchitecture, even with the 256-bit interface these cards are a bargain for an asking price of just a little above 200 Euro, including VAT (or way below, as far as the 2900GT is concerned).

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