Nexus intro mesh PCI brackets


| Sep 17, 2007 at 7:19 pm CDT
Makers of PC case accessories "Nexus" have just let us know of their latest product, the "PCI-300". These are basically PCI-slot covers which replace your existing ones where cards arn't already taking up the space, you get three in one pack.

The difference with these over usual metal slot covers is that they are made with a strong metal mesh material which allows for some extra ventilation in your case.

As i'm sure many of you are also thinking right now, the first thing that came to mind was that it would'nt make sense to PAY for replacement covers for a little better airflow out the rear of the case when you can just simply remove the existing PCI slot covers altogether, though admittedly this then leaves the case more prone to dust-buildup.

In any case, I can't see these selling like hotcakes, but it's nice to see unique ideas hit the market all the same.

Is the inside of your PC case heating up? Could it use some more fresh air? But there are no more ventilation holes available? You can place the PCI-300 PCI-Slot brackets in your unused PCI-Slots to have some extra ventilation in your system. A cheap, quick and easy solution for extra ventilation. It would not hurt!

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